January 28, 2009 The Board of Directors of NACHA — The Electronic Payments Association (Herndon, Va.), has elected Marcie Haitema, executive vice president of correspondent services at U.S. Central (Lenexa, Kan.), as the chairperson of NACHA's Board of Directors. Haitema joined U.S. Central in August 2005, where she oversees the correspondent services division, which includes payment and technology services, member support and related operations. In her role, Haitema manages several key areas, including ACH, securities safekeeping, automated settlement, international services and core financial data processing. The NACHA Board also elected Steve Ellis, executive vice president, Wells Fargo (San Francisco), as vice chairperson and Michael A. Bilski, executive vice president, North American Banking Company (Minneapolis), as secretary/treasurer. Haitema, Ellis, and Bilski will serve as officers for the 2009 through 2010 term. Ellis is executive vice president and head of the wholesale services group at Wells Fargo with responsibility for enterprise payment strategies, health benefit services, technology services, and treasury management products and services. He served as NACHA chairperson for two terms, from 2005 through 2008. Bilski is a founder, director and president of N.A. Corporation, a bank holding company, and serves as director and executive vice president of North American Banking Company, a Minnesota-based community bank.