5 Hot Bank Technologies From FinovateFall 2012

The conference featured a number of start-up technologies catering to the financial services industry.
September 14, 2012

3. ValidSoft

London-based ValidSoft believes that as the financial services world is converging on mobile devices more and more on a daily basis, mobile payments security is not up to snuff. The company says its SMART (Secure Mobile Architecture for Real-Time Transactions) security platform takes care of all that. The company's CEO Pat Carrol says the platform provides a layered architecture of voice and mobile network‐based security protocols and technologies, both visible and invisible, to protect mobile payment and M‐banking transactions alike. Their integrated platform uses proprietary technologies including out-of-band authentication and transaction verification, voice biometrics verification and what the company calls "proximity verification," which is able to detect whether a consumer's phone is in the vicinity of the origination point of a transaction, whether that is at an ATM, a POS device, your home, office, or other location, without compromising privacy.

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