4 Key Payments Trends from the 2013 World Payments Report

Capgemini's latest World Payments Report highlights a number of interesting trends that are fostering the growth of non-cash payments around the globe.
September 20, 2013

Opacity In Emerging Payments

Although the report expected mobile payments to grow significantly, it also noted that industry estimates of mobile payments volumes vary widely. This is because there is a significant need for better and more reliable data as new players and regions join the market, it said. Analyzing the difference in mobile payments volumes estimates across the industry, the report found a volume gap of more than 50%, raising doubts about the size of market estimates.

"Key institutions have to work together in developing a new way to ensure that these transactions are captured," Lassignardie urges. "The mobile payments market is big enough that we have to collect this information and make sure it's accurate."

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