4 Key Payments Trends from the 2013 World Payments Report

Capgemini's latest World Payments Report highlights a number of interesting trends that are fostering the growth of non-cash payments around the globe.
September 20, 2013

Mobile Payments Speed Ahead

Mobile payments reached $256 billion in 2012, and are expected to increase threefold to $796 billion by 2014. P2P mobile payments in emerging markets and consumer-to-business payments in developed are the biggest factors driving that growth, the report said.

"Individuals' lives are being disrupted by technological innovation in mobile, social media, the cloud, etc. Payments need to be embedded into the lives of digital consumers conveniently, and mobile offers a way to do that. Everyone now has a mobile device in their hands," Lassignardie notes.

[To learn more about new opportunities in mobility in financial services, check out the agenda for the New Opportunities for Mobility: A Financial CIO/CTO Roundtable session at the upcoming Interop event in NYC.]

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