4 Key Payments Trends from the 2013 World Payments Report

Capgemini's latest World Payments Report highlights a number of interesting trends that are fostering the growth of non-cash payments around the globe.
September 20, 2013

Emerging vs. Developed Economies

Emerging markets experienced big jumps in non-cash payments in 2011, according to the report. Non-cash transactions in Central Europe, the Middle East and Africa each increased by more than 20%; China and the Ukraine grew by more than 30% each. Latin America also experienced strong growth of more than 14%.

"You have the speed with which these emerging economies are developing economically and the huge populations they have in some of these regions that is driving this growth," explains Jean Lassignardie, Capgemini's chief sales and marketing officer.

Growth in non-cash transactions was slower in developed markets, the report found, with North America and Europe both recording single-digit growth rates in 2011. However, these two regions still account for nearly two thirds of the non-cash payments made worldwide.

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