4 Key Payments Trends from the 2013 World Payments Report

Capgemini's latest World Payments Report highlights a number of interesting trends that are fostering the growth of non-cash payments around the globe.
September 20, 2013

Capgemini released its annual World Payments Report in conjunction with RBS this past week at Sibos. The report, which tracks worldwide payments trends, found that non-cash payments increased 8.8% to 307 billion transactions in 2011, and predicted that number increased 8.5% to 333 billion transactions in 2012. That increase was driven by big upticks in non-cash payments in emerging markets. Additionally, a wide variety of payments forms, including credit cards, mobile payments and prepaid products, contributed to the growth in non-cash payments. Here we look at four factors featured in the report that are changing how payments are made around the world.

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