2012 Treasury Services Outlook

Banks' treasury services offerings are being shaped by corporate customers' demands for better controls, increased access to information, and improved transparency of payments and other transactions. What is the outlook for treasury services in 2012, and what technologies can help banks improve their offerings?
December 19, 2011

Expertise and Risk Management Are Key to Treasury Services Success

By Christopher Foskett, Managing Director, J.P. Morgan Treasury Services (New York)

Industry drivers such as regulatory reform, international expansion and the need to drive efficiencies are significantly impacting the way bank clients do business. Furthermore, market volatility due to the sovereign debt crisis in Europe is changing the landscape around liquidity and funding. Corporates and financial institutions alike are focusing on risk management and safety of investments. They also are learning to do more with less.

J.P. Morgan's strategy is to grow the global treasury services business by developing solutions for our clients to help them address these major changes and succeed in their target markets. We are extending our capabilities and services worldwide through a combination of expanding into strategic locations (such as Saudi Arabia, South Africa and additional branches in China) and growing our in-country capabilities, as well as working with local bank partners to extend our reach. Our focus is on technology-based solutions, delivering high levels of straight-through processing, visibility over cash globally and access to local markets through our global network. All of these services are designed to generate higher revenue, lower costs and deliver efficiencies for our clients. 

Our clients look for local knowledge and expertise as they expand globally, coupled with risk mitigation tools. As a global payments provider we make payments in 135 currencies and direct clear in 19 currencies. Our key differentiators include our advisory approach to improving working capital management and efficient treasury management, providing best-in-class and consistent services across our network, and reducing risk through our solid credit rating.

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