Museum Opens Its Doors For Free Financial Education

As financial education becomes more paramount for financial institutions because of consumer and regulator demand, the Museum of American Finance is now offering a free financial education with free admission on Saturdays in a program sponsored by private equity firm Southport Lane.
May 17, 2013

Education and the Recession

Customers, banks and regulators have all been emphasizing financial literacy and education since the financial crisis. All of these sides are more concerned about risk after the crisis, as consumers and regulators are demanding more information from financial institutions to help consumers make smarter financial decisions. Against this backdrop the Museum of American Finance, the only public museum in the country dedicated to American finance and its history, launched a free admission program on Saturdays last week.

The program, which will run through the end of 2013, will allow free admission for people to come and learn about finance through exhibits like this one that tracks the history of the Great Recession from early 2007 through today.

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Photo by Jonathan Camhi

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