August 19, 2010

Image analytics and mobile document capture provider Mitek Systems, Inc. on Wednesday announced it has received a United States patent for its Mobile Deposit remote deposit capture application.

The application, which relies on Mitek's image analysis and processing software for camera-equipped smartphones, including Apple's iPhone, RIM's BlackBerry devices and Windows Mobile and Android devices, was granted a patent on Aug. 17. The patent itself covers the process of capturing a color image of a financial document using a mobile device and then transmitting the image to a server where it can be manipulated such that information in the document can be interpreted and retrieved by the financial institution's remote deposit capture capabilities. The patent also covers the steps of detecting the financial document in the image, converting the image and correcting the orientation and size of the image.

“We’re pleased to receive the U.S. Patent Office’s formal notice that our Mobile Deposit application is now a patented capability,” said Mitek President and CEO James DeBello. “We purposely made it user-friendly, accurate and secure, and we invested a lot of thought leadership, time and dollars into making Mobile Deposit a distinctive way to deposit checks for the millions of people who have embraced smartphones and the apps that make them so useful.”

Mitek claims customer submissions of check images via Mobile Deposit are typically accepted successfully about 95 percent of the time on the first try. Before transmitting, the software uses Mitek's IMagePROVE technology to format check images, correct distortion or skewing and confirm that the image meets accepted image quality standards.