Where Are They Now? BS&T's 2012 Elite 8, One Year Later

Core systems modernization, customer experience-related initiatives and supporting regulatory compliance are among the top priorities keeping BS&T's 2012 Elite 8 honorees busy since they were recognized a year ago. Here are updates on the challenges and projects that some of the executives have been tackling in the past year.
October 11, 2013

Mobile Momentum

Dominic Venturo
Chief Innovation Officer, U.S. Bank Payments Innovation

U.S. Bank’s chief innovation officer for payment services, http://www.banktech.com/channels/elite-8-2012-dominic-venturo-blends-new/240007806 Dominic Venturo, had been driving innovative projects at his organization, using new mobile technology to enhance customer service and improve the customer experience, when he received the 2012 Elite 8 honor. Over the past year, Venturo reports, he has expanded his team and has increased focus on the various opportunities mobile devices create, as well as better covering all three of U.S. Bank’s business units within payment services.

“We have recently begun testing voice technology in terms of using voice as a natural user interface in banking and payment applications,” Venturo explains. “It is a natural next step in how we interact with devices and software.” In addition, Venturo says his team continues to advance its work in mobile payments and has launched a near field communication payments system for iPhone 4 and 4S called U.S. Bank GoMobile. U.S. Bank also is promoting use of its customer cards in digital wallets such as V.me from Visa and Square Wallet. Venturo’s team also continues to work closely with partners in Elavon, the payments processing company owned by U.S. Bank, on its mobile and next-generations payment work in The Grove, Elavon’s mobile innovation center. “We’re working on a number of other interesting things that will become public in the future,” he says.

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