Where Are They Now? BS&T's 2012 Elite 8, One Year Later

Core systems modernization, customer experience-related initiatives and supporting regulatory compliance are among the top priorities keeping BS&T's 2012 Elite 8 honorees busy since they were recognized a year ago. Here are updates on the challenges and projects that some of the executives have been tackling in the past year.
October 11, 2013

Core Systems Transformation

Joe Reilly
Executive VP and CIO, Zions Bancorporation

When BS&T visited with Joe Reilly, executive VP and CIO of Zions Bancorporation, a year ago, he and his team were involved in a variety of initiatives. These include initiatives to improve agility and time to market, modernize the firm’s core systems, improve data management and develop a cohesive payments strategy.

These days, Reilly is keeping busy with more of the same. His biggest focus is “quite a bit of regulatory work, as you can imagine,” he says. “But the big news is that we have started our core banking transformation initiative.” Other areas of focus, Reilly says, are mobile banking and big data.

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