What Banks Need To Know About Making The Business Case For IT Training

How can bank CIOs justify the expenses involved in providing training to their employees? It’s all about having the skills that enable the company to make decisions, predict client requirements and profitably manage the business.
May 31, 2013

One-Stop Training Resource

Debbie A. Herd (pictured at right), Senior VP, Director of Talent Management and Learning, Comerica

Comerica colleagues represent our most important asset, and the bank is committed to making an ongoing effort in their growth and development. Beginning in 2013, compliance as well as an increasing selection of other bank-wide training is provided through "Your Talent Center," our one-stop, integrated internal portal for learning and training. Your Talent Center also is host to our performance management process, succession management program and employee talent profiles.

Learning opportunities in Your Talent Center are individualized to colleagues' personal learning needs. Available resources for learning include videos, flow charts, demonstrations, live webinars, "how to" instruction guides and detailed e-learning courses. We assign required compliance courses to colleagues based on their roles in the company. We require that all new employees complete all of the regulatory and corporate-required training within 45 days of their hire date.

Your Talent Center offers a number of in-person and virtual classroom training events, to provide colleagues with the learning opportunities they need to succeed. You can search for a classroom event by course title, by topic or even by the calendar date the session will be offered.

Sample training subjects include diversity at Comerica, anti-money-laundering compliance, information privacy and protection, sustainability awareness, workplace harassment/discrimination awareness, corporate records management and fair lending anti-discrimination overview.

Your Talent Center offers managers the ability to view the progress of their staffs' training through user-friendly progress reports. Managers are also able to see their employees' stated career interests, performance ratings and competency assessments.

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