Seen & Heard at BS&T’s 2012 Executive Summit

Hot topics at Bank Systems & Technology’s recent Executive Summit in Phoenix included how to overcome barriers to customer engagement, moving from big data to the concept of “intelligent data,” identifying the next generation of online banking and how to dominate in a “post-channel” world. Along with the discussion was high-level networking and BS&T’s annual Elite 8 Awards Ceremony. Participants in this year’s event included CIOs and other senior executives from global, regional and community banks, as well as sponsor companies EMC, Mphasis, Kony, PwC and Yodlee.
October 19, 2012

Although he assumed the role of CIO a little more than a year ago, EVP and CIO Joe Reilly – a 2012 Elite 8 honoree – has driven several projects that are integral to Zions Bancorporation's future, including an ambitious project to replace its core systems.

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