Meet Bank Systems & Technology's 2011 Elite 8 Honorees

Bank Systems & Technology has awarded some of the Banking Industry's top CIOs with its 2011 Elite 8 Award.
October 03, 2011

Richard J. Ferrara, Woodforest National Bank

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Chief Technology Officer, SVP

Years With Bank: 10

Years in Current Position: 2.5

Size of IT Department: 160 people

Size of IT Budget: $45 million annually

Favorite Technology Tools: Map My Ride and Remote, both apps for the iPhone. "My wife and I like bicycling, so Map My Ride maps out a course, tracks miles and calculates calories burned. Plus, I can upload location and stats to Facebook and Twitter," Ferrara says. "With Remote, I control iTunes selections on my Mac Mini, which feeds into my stereo, and do it all from the patio in my back yard."

Hobbies: Snow skiing, tennis, bicycling and music. "My musical taste," Ferrara says, "ranges from classical and jazz (I once watched Pat Metheny from the front row) to classic and alternative rock -- Fleetwood Mac, Genesis, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Audioslave and Foo Fighters, to name a few."

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