Meet Bank Systems & Technology's 2011 Elite 8 Honorees

Bank Systems & Technology has awarded some of the Banking Industry's top CIOs with its 2011 Elite 8 Award.
October 03, 2011

Ghan Desai, Team Capital Bank

Read the Profile: CIO/CTO Ghan Desai Leverages Open Source at Team Capital Bank

Executive Vice President and CIO/CTO

Years With Bank: 2

Size of Technology Team: 5 (including Desai)

Favorite Tech Gadget: A Garmin Forerunner watch, which Desai uses when he runs. "It’s a beautiful device because it has GPS built into it and it tracks my heart rate and my cadence, calories burned, where I’ve been, how far I ran, and my pace," he says. “I walk in the house and open my laptop and download that information so I can see it on Google Earth and see how my training is going.”

Hobbies: Biking, hiking and running. "Last year, during the conversion, I felt like I needed more stress relief, so I started training for a marathon," Desai recalls. "In the past 12 months I ran three marathons, and now I'm hooked. The last one was the Boston Marathon." Desai also enjoys music and singing — he is a tenor in a contemporary ensemble at his church.

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