Meet Bank Systems & Technology's 2011 Elite 8 Honorees

Bank Systems & Technology has awarded some of the Banking Industry's top CIOs with its 2011 Elite 8 Award.
October 03, 2011

The bank CIO has been transformed from a back-office, development-focused operative to a strategic member of the C Suite who can juggle code and budgets in one hand and an iPad in the other. But rather than fear disruptive changes such as the consumerization of technology, BS&T’s 2011 Elite 8 honorees embrace them, recognizing that change and innovation are the path to competitive distinction.

But as banks continue to undergo significant transformation in their business operations, CIOs will need to address evolving management capabilities. Our panel of industry insiders reveals the key issues facing senior bank technology executives and the critical skills they’ll need to effectively lead their organizations through the challenging times ahead.

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