December 14, 2008

Chad Fulgham has been named chief information officer of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He will be responsible for directing the organization's overall information technology efforts.

Before being hired by the FBI, Fulgham headed the Information Technology Division of Lehman Brothers, where he served as a senior vice president in various capacities over the past four years. In addition to being credited with the transformation of much of its technological infrastructure, he was responsible for performing organizational needs assessments, developing policy and instituting IT strategies, managing budgets, directing products and services selection, and overseeing technology operations. He will have many of the same responsibilities at the FBI.

Previously, he carried out many aspects of computer security and information risk management for IBM, JPMorgan Chase, and Arthur Andersen. He is a member of three Microsoft Advisory Boards and serves on the Financial Services Industry Advisory Boards for both ATandT and Verizon.