January 07, 2009 CheckFree, now part of Fiserv, Inc. (Brookfield, Wis.), a provider of information technology services to the financial industry, has released its CheckFree Advantage Fee 6.2 client billing and revenue management solution. This new release enables organizations that require multi-lingual support to deploy CheckFree Advantage Fee with a local language user interface, satisfying the demands of auditors, regulators and clients.

The new multi-lingual capability was developed in conjunction with a tier 1 investment management client that has implemented this new capability at several locations globally. Deployed in different language formats to localize the solution for specific client billing requirements, CheckFree Advantage Fee can enable the firm to enhance its revenue management process to meet the needs of its expanding client base, says the provider. CheckFree Advantage Fee enables local language invoices to be generated in languages such as Kanji and Chinese. These multi-lingual capabilities have also been extended to user screens, reporting and data import. Data import additionally supports double-byte character set XML. The CheckFree Advantage Fee enterprise-wide solution can support increasingly complex product and fee structures, allowing calculations to be made based on a wide range of fluctuating data. Reporting to the general ledger, clients can analyze and track revenue according to product and business lines across multiple regions and monitor outstanding client balances.