September 09, 2010

Behind-the-Scenes Efforts: Donald Westermann, SVP, Chief Technology Officer, Eastern Bank (Lynn, Mass.)

It's been a busy year, not necessarily in terms of large-scale implementations, but a lot of tuning, tweaking and rationalizing - a vast amount of "behind the scenes" work. Our focus has been streamlining operations, processes and technologies designed to improve service to both our customers and constituents.

This past October, we were wrapping up a number of large-scale initiatives, such as a directory services collapse, the implementation of our new corporate Internet site and a new enterprise telephony system. Since then we've been focused on leveraging these newly implemented platforms and their supporting infrastructure to their fullest extent. We've focused on integration and consolidation of disparate systems and retiring legacy platforms.

We've also been evaluating and implementing some emerging and leading-edge technologies. For example, our network engineering team has done some great design and implementation work, moving us from a fixed, monolithic network infrastructure to one that is more flexible and modular, utilizing multiple carriers, while reducing both risk and expense. Another area of focus has been internal process improvement, to better serve our internal and external customers. We've been focusing on service management initiatives, implementing various metrics to track and optimize our performance from technology and process perspectives.