May 15, 2013

Digital marketing solutions leveraging consumer data and targeting mobile and online customers are trending at Finovate Spring this week.

Zooz, a payments platform provider, is looking to make mobile shopping easier with an “In-Ad Payments” solution it is unveiling at the conference today. The solution aims to provide a quick and easy checkout experience for consumers who click on mobile shopping ads.

ZooZ cited Nielsen research that found that 79% of consumers find shopping on their mobile device slow and difficult, in a statement released today announcing the new solution. Consumers click on a mobile ad for a product and, instead of being taken to a page to purchase the product, they may be asked to download a new app and then search for the product again.

The ZooZ solution allows mobile shoppers to checkout with one click in an advertisement displayed on their mobile device. The checkout options then pop up and the customer’s card information is already saved, allowing for a more seamless checkout experience. This better matches customer expectations of a convenient shopping experience, ZooZ said.

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By combining mobile in-app payments with online advertising, the solution allows marketers to measure their success on actual purchases rather than ad clicks, ZooZ said in its statement. The company added that a patent is still pending on the solution.

Banno, a data-based web marketing solutions provider for financial services company, also released a marketing solution that aims to increase sales in the digital channels. The solution, called Kernel, uses data and analytics to generate relevant offerings for individual customers that can be delivered through any channel, a statement by Banno released yesterday said.

The solution provides a Web API that can be integrated with any channel. The bank can then deliver the offer through the customer’s favorite channel, which can be determined by the solution’s ability to collect data on customers’ channel behavior. Advertisements can also be adjusted according to the channel they are delivered through, the statement said.

Kernel also measures the success of different ads so that visitor’s to a bank’s website, for instance, only see the best-performing ads, the statement said. And banks can track what their users are viewing on their website with Kernel to glean more knowledge to better engage their customers.

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