September 22, 2008
Jim Gahagan, Sterling Commerce
The biggest obstacles facing bank CIOs are aligning the technology projects to meet the short- and long-term goals of the business. It is like putting a puzzle together a piece at a time, but keeping track of the end-goal big picture — it takes patience, precision and persistence.

The most important bank CIO attributes and qualifications for the near term will be driven by the need for cross-discipline knowledge, to be a business manager as well as a technologist. Like all business managers, bank CIOs need to figure out where and how they can help their companies increase revenue and lower costs. But, unlike their peers in marketing, for example, they need to understand what technologies will help them achieve these goals, and when, where and how these technologies should be either purchased and/or rented, implemented in-house or outsourced — and at what risk.

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