BS&T 2011 Executive Summit Report: Driving Growth In a Changing Industry

Participants in BS&T's 2011 Executive Summit addressed the operational, regulatory, service and marketing implications of banking's new business models and delivery channels.
December 15, 2011

The 2011 Elite 8 honorees were recognized at the Executive Summit's annual awards dinner and ceremony. In addition to Meyer, Desai and Ferrara, the other 2012 honorees were Rob Alexander, CIO, Capital One Bank; John Fiore, EVP and CIO, BNY Mellon; Helen Cousins, EVP and CIO, Lincoln Trust Co.; Aman Narain, global head of online and mobile banking, Standard Chartered; and Michael Harte, group executive of enterprise services, and CIO, Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

RIGHT: Elite 8 honoree Richard Ferrara, Woodforest National Bank.

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