BS&T 2011 Executive Summit Report: Driving Growth In a Changing Industry

Participants in BS&T's 2011 Executive Summit addressed the operational, regulatory, service and marketing implications of banking's new business models and delivery channels.
December 15, 2011

Umpqua Bank's EVP and CIO Colin Eccles (right), a 2010 BS&T Elite 8 honoree, spoke about the challenges related to mastering the multichannel delivery paradigm. He said that customers must now be at the center of IT strategies, instead of a core platform or any certain channel.

"Infrastructure is becoming a tapestry of decentralized delivery services," Eccles said. "It's all about the customer and thinking about how the customer is coming to you." Seamless channel integration is critical, and that is what Umpqua Bank is striving for, he explained.

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