September 17, 2013

Barclays has been using a crowdsourcing site, called Your Bank, to gather ideas from its customers on how to improve its customer experience. The site, launched last week, encourages customers to share ideas and complaints regarding the bank’s service, and allows customers to vote for different ideas posted on the site to be implemented.

Barclays is no stranger to crowdsourcing: it inrotduced the first crowdsourced credit card, the BarclayCard Ring MasterCard, where an online and social media community of cardholders determine the card’s terms and benefits.

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Your Bank also displays on its homepage survey questions about the quality of service in different delivery channels for customers to answer, and shares stories of ideas that the bank is implementing. The bank has also launched a marketing drive in the U.K. with print and digital ads to ecnourage customers to the site to share ideas, according to media reports. The bank is also sharing some of the ideas submitted to Your Bank through video content on the site and on Your Bank’s dedicated Youtube channel.

Customers can register on the site and vote on ideas, and keep track of each idea through Your Bank’s homepage, which displays the number of votes that each idea has received.

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