2010's Elite 8 Honorees: Where Are They Now

The recent economic turmoil and a tougher regulatory environment continue to challenge bank technology executives, who must work to improve the customer experience while cutting costs and boosting efficiencies in order to remain competitive. Bank Systems & Technology checked in with the 2010 Elite 8 honorees to see how today's challenges have changed their responsibilities and their banks' focus over the past year.
October 12, 2011

George Tumas, SVP and CIO of the Internet Services Group, Wells Fargo

A Disciplined Approach

2010 Elite 8 honoree George Tumas, SVP and CIO of Wells Fargo's Internet services group, is known for setting ambitious goals for the institution's online and mobile banking channels. And this year, he reports, while he continues to manage Wells Fargo's Internet and mobile channels, changes to his reporting relationship have been made to strengthen the San Francisco-based bank's cross-channel initiative, drive consistency in technology, leverage best practices across groups, and use common tools and processes.

In the coming year, Tumas says, the cross-channel initiative -- which aims to provide a seamless experience across Wells Fargo's Internet, community bank and customer contact center platforms -- will be a top priority for the bank. "Overall, we will focus on delivering more capabilities while managing our technology investments and expenses," he says.

"Technology represents a significant investment for our company, and the demand for technology is growing at an accelerating rate," Tumas adds. "We manage technology in a disciplined way to create efficiencies and operating leverage for the company, while ensuring our environment remains highly resilient and reliable."

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