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  • Solving Business Problems with Neural Networks

  • Organizations are harvesting vast amounts of raw, proprietary data, but how do they translate that into information that increases efficiency, reduces costs, and generates new revenue? Advanced businesses are using neural networks, the most powerful type of machine learning systems. For example, the world's largest online retailer employs neural networks to predict items consumers are likely to purchase, and the IT department of the world's largest software company uses them to predict server utilization patterns, saving tens of millions of dollars annually. In this understandable, yet in-depth presentation, Dr. James McCaffrey will explain the basics of neural networks, describe the types of business problems they can solve, and discuss the pros and cons of different implementation approaches.

  • Embracing the Bring-Your-Own-App Phenomenon

  • Today's business application economy is driving change across IT departments as increasingly self-reliant and creative business users are embracing tools and technologies that allow for real-time problem solving and innovation. In doing so, these users are also creating a cultural shift inside organizations by building their own applications and relying less on IT to handle their business challenges. It's a paradigm shift causing CIOs to take notice, and in this session, CEO Adriaan van Wyk will explain why CIOs should harness the BYOA phenomenon and use it to business advantage, rather than pushing back. He'll discuss the role CIOs can take to manage the cultural shift, and best practices they can use to create a more agile, app-centric environment.

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