Tomorrow's Great Customer Experience Is Built on Today's Efficiency
To fuel technology innovation and improve the bank customer experience, members of Bank Systems & Technology's Reader Advisory Board say they'll continue to focus on driving down operational costs in the year ahead.

8 Bank Technology Trends That Will Shape the Industry in 2012
With IT budgets finally rebounding, BS&T identifies the eight trends that will shape tech spending in 2012 and determine banks' competitive positions for years to come.

Even Growing Bank IT Budgets Are Strained by Competing Priorities
While 2012 bank IT budgets are likely to grow over 2011 levels, according to Bank Systems & Technology research, an array of competing investment priorities will challenge CIOs to make the most out of still-limited resources.

Disruption Is Key to Building Bank Customer Loyalty
To build loyalty among customers and gain a competitive advantage, banks must demonstrate radical thinking and vision and provide a seamless experience across all channels, including the branch, according to HCL Technologies' Amol Shingrupe.


Compliance Doesn't Have to Be Painful for Banks
Facing an ever-intensifying regulatory environment, banks are expected to spend more on risk management than ever before. But there is a silver lining: Many of the new standards with which banks must comply can help make their operations more efficient.


BS&T 2011 Executive Summit Report: Driving Growth In a Changing Industry
Participants in BS&T's 2011 Executive Summit addressed the operational, regulatory, service and marketing implications of banking's new business models and delivery channels.


New Zions CIO Joe Reilly Walks a Tightrope
Recently appointed CIO of Zions Bancorp, Joe Reilly will look to balance the needs of the holding company as a whole with the needs of the eight individual banks it serves.


Bank Industry Rhetoric Does Nothing to Rebuild Trust
The public's trust in banks has never been lower. The negative perception might not be fair, but it's a reality.


Careful What You Wish For: Community Banks, Credit Unions Challenged by Influx of New Customers
With an influx of new customers who are dissatisfied with big banks, smaller community banks and credit unions face new operational challenges.

Mobile Payments Offer Opportunity to Reach the Unbanked
Two recently launched mobile payments initiatives target migrant workers and consumers in developing countries, offering banks a possible avenue to reach the underbanked market.

Cyber Attacks More Frequent and Harder to Detect
U.S. companies, especially banks, must be vigilant in protecting data from new and more varied threats, according to an Ernst & Young report.

Security Checklist: 10 Ways to Avoid Data Loss
While most banks would benefit from tailoring a plan to meet their particular security needs, there are also basic steps that any bank can take to improve data risk management.


2012 Treasury Services Outlook
Banks' treasury services offerings are being shaped by corporate customers' demands for better controls, increased access to information, and improved transparency of payments and other transactions. What is the outlook for treasury services in 2012, and what technologies can help banks improve their offerings?