Michael Upton

Mobile Domination: Who Will Be the Google of Mobile Payments?
The many competing mobile payment schemes in the U.S. have created 'a mess,' according to experts. Banks (including Bank of America), MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, telecommunications companies and others all have skin in the game. But who will dominate?

BofA Tests Online Banking, Online Payments for Corporate Clients
Online global payment hub expected to go live with entire customer base in the first quarter of 2011.

AT&T and Verizon to Support Contactless Payments
AT&T and Verizon Wireless have signed on to support integrated contactless payments on their phones, giving the technology a much-needed boost.

CFE Federal Credit Union Goes Virtual, Replaces 300 Desktop Computers
CFE Federal Credit Union significantly reduces its total cost of ownership by replacing 300 traditional desktops with palm-sized solid-state virtualization cubes from Pano Logic.

What Were They Thinking?: Banks' Foreclosure Documentation Mistakes
It’s shocking that, regardless of the volume of cases they had to administer, any bank would even consider cutting corners in processing foreclosures.

Five Strategies for Post-CARD Act Success
With new restrictions in place, banks must employ analytic insights more than ever to keep their card businesses profitable, advises FICO's Lynda Woodward.

Financial Services Firms Unprepared for Risk Analytics
Most financial services professionals do not feel that their institutions are prepared to handle the growing needs for in-depth business and risk analytics, according to an InformationWeek Financial Services Analytics study.

Top 7 Ways Basel III Affects U.S. Banks and Their IT Departments
New capital rules will drive banks to use new risk models and perform data integration projects.

Chase's Online Banking Outage Shows it's Not About the Medium, but the Message
In today's wired world of social media and instant information, banks need to proactively communicate with customers during times of crisis or risk raising their ire, as JPMorgan Chase recently found out.

Bank of the West Builds Online Payment Portal for Small Businesses
Plans to roll out online bill payment to small business clients in the first half of 2011.

The Final Electronification Frontier
In the march toward payments electronification, pushing clients to embrace electronic-based processing will require banks to understand the reasons for their resistance, writes Fifth Third Bancorp SVP Jeff Ficke.

Two River Community Bank Names Werner New COO
Middletown, N.J.-based Two River Community Bank has announced that Robert C. Werner has been named senior vice president and chief operating officer.

Citi Taps Amex's Linville to Run Cards
Citigroup has hired Jud Linville as CEO of Citi Cards.

VIST Financial Hires Acanfora as CIO
Acanfora will be responsible for overall strategy, leadership, management and execution related to existing and new technology for the insurance, banking and wealth management lines of business within VIST Financial.