Elite 8 2010

Customer Centricity Key as Banks Emerge from Crisis
Emerging from the financial crisis, the next priority for bank IT leadership is to put the customer at the center of it all.

Q&A: How Wayne Mekjian, IS Head at Wells Fargo, Finds Time to Innovate
Although he's in the midst of a major merger integration, Mekjian still makes IT innovation a priority, especially in the areas of mobile banking, payments and a new project manager workstation under development.

The 3 Pillars of IT Infrastructure Transformation
State Street's Madge Meyer on why listening, relationships and urgency are the pillars of good IT infrastructure management.

Elite 8 2009: Where Are They Now?
BS&T catches up with some of last year's Elite 8 honorees to see how the improving economic outlook is influencing their responsibilities and priorities.

The Well-Dressed CIO: How to Carry Your iPad
Whether attending a casual vendor lunch or hosting a stunning budget planning gala, no discerning CIO should be without this year's hottest accessory -- Apple's iPad. The question is, what's the most stylish way to wear it? BS&T's haute couture department offers this season's hottest looks.

Renewal of Faith
The 2010 Elite 8 have been tested by the serious financial and economic challenges of the past few years, seen their own roles change dramatically and have had to make sense of astounding technology innovations.

Wells Fargo's George Tumas: Building Top-Notch Online Banking
As CIO of Wells Fargo's Internet services group, George Tumas is pushing the envelope in the online and mobile banking channels.

First Horizon's Bruce Livesay: Growing Against the Grain
First Horizon CIO Bruce Livesay found opportunity amid the financial crisis to position his bank for tomorrow.

Citigroup's Anthony DiSanto: Modernizing the Data Center
As Managing Director of Citi's technology infrastructure, Anthony DiSanto envisions the data center as the hub of business operations.

Navy Federal Credit Union's Jerry Hermes: Global Presence, Small IT Footprint
As CIO of Navy Federal Credit Union, Jerry Hermes has to keep watch over an IT infrastructure that's sprawled around the world. New monitoring and business service management tools are helping him manage efficiently.

Umpqua Bank's Colin Eccles: Merger Expert
Colin Eccles, CIO of Umpqua Bank, whips through bank IT mergers with speed and agility, using a repeatable process honed over time.

Zions Bancorporation's John Itokazu: Putting the Team First
Zions Bancorporation EVP and CIO John Itokazu believes trust and collaboration among his technology team are keys to the company's success.

Paul Johnson of BB&T: Transformation Never Ends
Nearing completion of a program to overhaul the way his technolgy organization operates and how it is viewed by the business, BB&T EVP and CIO Paul Johnson says the evolution of IT is an ongoing journey.

Jeff Dennes: Mobile Banking Pioneer, iPad Enthusiast
As the architect of USAA's online and mobile banking initiatives for the past 10 years, Executive Director Jeff Dennes rolled out a series of technology innovations for these channels. Although Dennes recently left the company, an iPad app he spearheaded is due out late this year.