Emerging Global Players Have Resources To Transform Banking Technology Business
Four emerging global "financial power brokers" -- oil-rich countries, Asian central banks, hedge gunds and private equity firms -- are becoming increasingly active in the financial services and business technology sectors, according to a new report by the McKinsey Global Institute.

Major Canadian Banks Become Basel II Compliant
IT vendors that helped the major Canadian banks achieve Basel II compliance are passing on their knowledge to smaller Canadian and U.S. banks.

Three Ways to Improve Retail Bank Web Sites
Account selection tools, bigger check archives and more self-service functions should be added to banks' Web sites, according to Corporate Insight.

PCI Council and Visa See More PCI Compliance
Merchants are complying with PCI Data Security Standards now more than ever.

Banks Eye Wealth Management Market
As baby boomers transition into retirement, the market for wealth management services is more promising than ever. To grab a piece of the lucrative opportunity, banks must tap analytic tools to segment and identify the needs of the aging population and develop customer-centric offerings.

Mortgage Losses Lead to Bank Layoffs
Despite massive layoffs in the wake of the mortgage crisis, financial services IT hiring is expected to rise in 2008.

BITS Program Streamlines Vendor Security Audits
The Shared Assessments Program, which standardizes IT security audits of vendors, is slowly catching on in the financial services industry.

BITS Shared Assessments Program Basics
The data security process Shared Assessments Program developed by the BITS IT Service Providers Working Group consists of two key elements.

Chase Begins Converting Its ATM Fleet to No-Envelope Machines
Chase is using technology from Wincor Nixdorf and NCR to convert the first 900 of its ATMs to no-envelope machines. The rollout will be complete by 2010.

Financial Services CEOs Not as Tech-Savvy As They Say
Bank CEOs say they promote IT/business alignment, but many businesses fail to do so, according to a Diamond Management & Technology Consultants study.

Renasant Bank Chooses a SAN From EqualLogic to Keep Up With Growing Storage Needs
Slow response times and an expanding network set Renasant Bank on a search for better network storage, resulting in the implementation of a storage area network (SAN) from EqualLogic.

Mobile Banking Experiencing Increased Adoption
As an increasing number of institutions pursue mobile banking initiatives, questions remain over which delivery model is best, whether consumers really want the service and how banks can realize a return on their investments.

Forecasts Underestimate the Growth Potential for Mobile Banking Services in the U.S.
According to Aite Group's Nick Holland, the recent rapid growth of U.S. subscribers to mobile banking services is part of a transformation that eventually will place mobile phones at the heart of all forms of banking transactions, including payments.

U.S. Mobile Financial Services Still Needs Operating Model
With mobile banking on the rise in the U.S., institutions still are challenged to find the best operating model.

Wells Fargo Mobile Strategy Looks at All Customer Segments
Wells Fargo offers m-banking for business clients and consumers in various formats.

First National Bank Finds M-Banking Model That Works
The mobile banking channel offers banks a way to overcome the lack of an advanced infrastructure in South Africa.

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Banks Finding Opportunity In Apple's iPhone
Bank of America is the first bank whose mobile banking application is listed on the iPhone.