October 25, 2010

Any more, mobile banking applications on mobile devices such as Apple iPhones and iPads, RIM BlackBerry and Google Android devices are becoming commonplace. For consumers, at least. On the corporate side, mobile financial software for managing business is not so ordinary.

Jersey City, N.J.-based banking software provider today at Sibos announced Mobile ACCESSplus, a mobile platform designed specifically for corporate electronic banking.

"We feel very strongly that this is a big idea," says George Ravich, Fundtech EVP and chief marketing officer, who demonstrated the software on an Apple iPad for Bank Systems & Technology last week. "It’s an obvious idea, but it’s a big idea. There’s so much mobile on the consumer side. And all the people that we’re selling to, when they go home, they’re consumers too. They see their banks on the consumer side offering all these services."

Said to be the first software of its kind, Mobile ACCESSplus ties in with Fundtech's transaction banking products using the company's service-oriented architecture (SOA) approach to products in payments, cash management, financial messaging and financial supply chain. Three Mobile ACCESSplus modules are initially available: Global CASHplus, a cash and liquidity management system; Accountis EIP, an electronic invoice presentment system; and Bacsactive-IP, a system for UK Bacs systems. It supports Apple iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Microsoft Windows Mobile.

Ravich says a mobile corporate banking platform is important for business because it is a means to provide members of the corporate suite immediate access to financial data, and sign off on invoices or payments from wherever they are.

"You are basically able to have a CFO who is unleashed, basically unshackled from his desk," Ravich adds. "What we’re really offering here is pretty clear: It’s not only accessing data when you’re out, but also the ability to keep the process going."