May 20, 2009

Deutsche Bank has made available 50 additional currencies on its FX4Cash platform. With this addition, clients will now be able to make payments in 125 currencies across more than 160 countries.

Launched in 2008, FX4Cash provides global cross-currency payment solutions for corporations and financial institutions by pairing Deutsche Bank's foreign exchange business with its payment and clearing capabilities. According to the Frankfurt-based bank, FX4Cash enables corporations and financial institutions to obtain real-time and competitive FX pricing across more than 2,000 currency pairs; clients transact from one base currency account and streamline their cross-border payments in a straight-through process.

In a release announcing the new currencies, Tim Merrell, cohead of FX4Cash, stated: "We are pleased to expand our cross-currency platform and bring additional currencies to clients operating in an increasingly global and regulated economy." Rita Saverino, cohead of FX4Cash, added, "The fact that we are expanding the reach of this product is a testament to its success and the strength of our global foreign exchange and payment franchises."