September 21, 2010

I'm very grateful to the reader who corrected me about the CIO of Wells Fargo. Admittedly, I lack international sophistication and therefore the name Avid I presumed was male because 99.9% of all bank CIOs are male.

Now here comes the difficult part. I said I was impressed with Mr. Modjrabai's modesty, even though I wanted to say I loved it. I never use love in connection with a male, so I was protected in my innocent use of the proper language. I have to confess that I have never met a modest male CIO but for just a split second I did ask myself if Avid could be a woman. Nah, can't be.

Dear Ms. Modjtabai, I'm embarrassed but I still admire you. Maybe others like you will reduce the 99.9 to some lower number.