April 24, 2003

Liberty Bank, Middletown, Conn., is using S1's teller, call center and sales and service platform to boost productivity and customer satisfaction across multiple interaction channels.

Liberty needed to streamline its operations on a single, integrated system, as well as deliver a complete picture of each of its customers, from the Web to the call center to the branches, according to Ron Catrone, executive vice president at $2 billion Liberty Bank.

Liberty began the migration to the S1 applications in its 33 branch locations last November. In addition to installing the S1 applications, the bank is completely upgrading its systems infrastructure to simplify operations.

The bank has converted 19 branches so far. "Although the effort to completely upgrade our 33 branches has been an incredibly complex process, we are launching entirely new systems at a pace of two branches per week," said Catrone.

The system not only provides a single customer view, but also simplifies opening new accounts, deposits and other day-to-day tasks. "By equipping our staff with the right information and the right tools, we can provide excellent service and maximize every customer interaction," said Catrone.

The S1 applications provide an excellent launching pad for future services, such as consumer loan origination, digital check imaging retrieval and a research system, he added.