February 07, 2003

Lehman Brothers Bank has signed a multiyear transaction processing and customer correspondence agreement with Sanchez Data Systems and Docucorp. As document fulfillment provider for the Sanchez e-Profile solution, Dallas-based Docucorp will provide printing, mailing and Web presentment solutions for Lehman's customer documents, including combined statements, welcome kits, retirement documents and other general customer correspondence.

"The Docucorp solutions will automate and streamline our customer correspondence process, generating significant cost savings while also improving our ability to provide superior customer service," according to Jacqueline Frommer, president of Wilmington, Del.-based Lehman Bank. "By seamlessly integrating with Sanchez's transaction processing services, Docucorp's solution will be a critical component in our end-to-end financial service operation."

Banking transactions for Lehman's clients are first processed by Sanchez and then sent to Docucorp's application service provider (ASP) facility, where supporting customer documents are printed, mailed and made available to bank customer service agents via a Web browser. The correspondence can either be generated automatically by the transaction system, or manually by customer service representatives at Internet workstations.

Employees thus need only work with electronic versions of correspondence instead of paper, which can be lost or damaged before mailing to customers. In cases where representatives must handle the documents themselves (e.g., to include a special insert or notice), documents can be generated on local printers.