July 08, 2013

Computer Services, Inc. (CSI) has partnered with SAP to embed its BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) in CSI’s NuPoint core system to help banks process reports based on customers’ transactions. SAP’s BI program breaks down data, like credit card and customer loyalty behavior, accumulated by the transactional services NuPoint provides.

The partnership, announced today, offers users a seamless and personalized experience, says Eric Stine, SVP and general manager of financial services for SAP.

“It really combines the versatility of our BusinessObjects platform with the individual business need of the end customer and of that customers individual end users,” Stine adds.

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The embedded BI product creates charts, graphs and reports for users based on the core system’s transactional data. The BusinessObjects tool produces the reports in real-time from an online analytical processing environment, Stine remarks.

“We really envision a whole suite of professional services opening up because of this,” says Bob Ezell, vice president of product marketing for CSI. “We think we’ll be able to go to a bank where they may have pain points, where a typical core processing solution may not hit all those pain points, and we think we can use an analytics tool to really focus in on those areas.”

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