April 07, 2011

Bridge Bank, a full-service professional business bank based in the Silicon Valley, in June will install new core and online banking systems, replacing the existing systems with new ones based on service-oriented architecture.

"If you are committed to providing the best electronic banking solutions to clients, as Bridge Bank is, core systems conversions are a technological necessity," said John Peckham, Senior Vice President and Bridge Bank Manager of Information Systems. "Changing multiple processing platforms is a major undertaking, but the investment will position Bridge Bank to provide its growing client base the best banking platform to meet their increasingly complex banking needs."

Bridge Bank, a subsidiary of Bridge Financial Holdings, has outsourced all of its core and electronic banking functions since it was founded in 2001. Because of that it's not tied to in-house legacy systems as it undergoes the upgrade in June.

"At its founding ten years ago, Bridge Bank made a commitment to the business market that we would provide state of the art technology and business banking capabilities to our clients," said Daniel P. Myers, President and Chief Executive Officer of Bridge Capital Holdings and Bridge Bank. "Implementation of these new systems is only the most recent example of our follow through on that commitment. Our clients count on us to be current on technology, capable, and competitive in every respect with all other banks in the market, regardless of size."