February 05, 2013

In February's Bank Systems & Technology digital issue, we looked at the current state of mobile banking for corporate customers, and examined some of the reasons why it hasn't been as quickly adopted as on the consumer side.

We also talked to several industry experts about what could change that. One of those people, Patricia McGinnis, director of the commercial and enterprise payments solution at Mercator Advisory Group, believes tablets will be the driving force behind the eventual widespread adoption of mobile banking by commercial customers.

McGinnis, like others we talked to, believes the larger screen and more robust functionality will be able to provide corporate treasurers and executives with a commercial banking experience currently unavailable on a smart phone.

Below is a brief video interview I conducted with McGinnis on how the tablet may revolutionize corporate mobile banking.

Bryan Yurcan is associate editor for Bank Systems and Technology. He has worked in various editorial capacities for newspapers and magazines for the past 8 years. After beginning his career as ...