Why Mobile Will Be More Secure Than Online Banking

Mobile devices have a number of features - some that are built-in and some that are not - that will help make them more secure against fraud than the online channel.
October 26, 2012


Although the cloud isn't necessarily a part of the modern mobile device, the devices are growing increasingly reliant on the cloud for data storage. Mobility and cloud go hand-in-hand. Securing the cloud is part of securing mobility," Solour explains. The mobile device is inherently resource restrained in that it can't hold as much data as a desktop could. One of the most important areas for banks in securing that relationship between the cloud and the mobile device is in employees devices. Employees are likely to increasingly use their mobile device to access information that the bank has stored in the cloud, and that has to be factored into any bank's BYOD policy. Solour expects to see more banks working closely with cloud providers to develop vertical applications for their employees to safely access data that the bank has stored in the cloud.

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