Why Mobile Will Be More Secure Than Online Banking

Mobile devices have a number of features - some that are built-in and some that are not - that will help make them more secure against fraud than the online channel.
October 26, 2012


Mobile devices today have a range of sensors that can aid in authenticating users. GPS is a sensor that, as we've already mentioned, can be used in confirming a customer's identity or transactions. "You can layer the contextual, tactile and sensor attributes [for authentication]," Solour says. "GPS is a sensor using the contextual attribute. Each one of the attributes are perpetually interlinked." Another sensor Solour mentioned that easily could be used for security purposes is the camera. Although most people use their smartphone cameras for snapping personal pictures and uploading them to Facebook or Instagram, it would be simple to use that same capability for authenticating users through facial recognition. Considering how ubiquitous smartphone cameras are in our culture today, customers probably wouldn't feel too inconvenienced by taking a picture of themselves to authorize a bill payment or P2P transfer.

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