January 10, 2012

San Francisco-based Wells Fargo, an institution that already has a large mobile banking presence, has just extended its reach. The bank's mobile application, Wells Fargo Mobile, is now available for free download from the Amazon Appstore for Android, making it easily accessible to Kindle Fire users. The app was previously rolled out to the Android Market, Apple App Store, BlackBerry App World and HP App Catalog, but this is the first time it has been available on Amazon.

Brian Pearce, senior vice president and head of the Retail Mobile Channel at Wells Fargo's internet services, says that the launch of the Kindle Fire helped push the rollout, which is part of the continued evolution of its mobile banking channel. "As we looked at making a decision to make our app available at the Amazon Appstore for Android, the key was looking at our customers and figuring out the best way to reach them," he says. "It's just another way for us to be where our customers are."

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