December 15, 2010

After reading about UBS's strict dress code for retail bankers in this morning's Wall Street Journal, we found a copy of the 44-page dress code translated from French into English (to be fair, something does seem to be lost in the translation). Many of the rules are in keeping with traditional conservative-banker attire (women must wear a tailored pantsuit in dark charcoal, black or dark blue; skirts and pants are "to provide sufficient amplitude"). A few of the style and fashion tips we've never seen anywhere else. For instance, among the advice for women:

--Never wear shoes that are too small for you: there's nothing worse than a twisted smile.

--A light day makeup composed of a foundation, a mascara and a lipstick will enhance your personality.

--Studies have shown that hair [that's] neat and stylish and impeccably cut can dramatically increase sympathy and allow individuals to set their personalities.

For men:

--Do not wash, nor ever iron your shirts yourself.

--Wearing a black belt is compulsory permanently.

--Using an effective deodorant, you will retain, for several hours, the freshness with which you feel confident and full of vitality. In case of excessive sweating, your deodorant must be renewed during the day.

"Individuals are primarily judged on their appearance," the manual states. "The color dark anthracite, black and dark blue symbolize the jurisdiction, the formality and the seriousness. A flawless appearance can bring inner peace and a sense of security."