The Next Generation of Video in Banking

Banks are using video in innovative ways that include both employee-facing and customer-facing applications. Experts discuss how video banking is evolving.
March 22, 2013

3. Convenience Plus A Personal Touch

Across the industry you're seeing video being used for everything from transaction processing (as with our Personal Teller Machines, or PTMs), to simple customer service call center activities, and more recently to consultative selling of products and services within a website, blog or even YouTube. Video seems to be addressing a customer demand that indicates they still want the personal touch that traditional branches offer, but in more convenient locations and times than a branch can realistically provide.

I wouldn't say the security concerns are new or greater, just how you are able to meet the basic "know your customer" and authentication requirements. When video is being used, customer authentication is very different than the typical in-person at a branch, card and PIN, or User ID and password scenarios. An example would be how our PTMs add ID scanners to a device that otherwise looks like a traditional ATM. The ID scanner allows the remote video teller to see and compare an official photo ID to the person standing at the PTM.

At Dollar Bank, the technology that brought a remote live personal teller to an ATM-like device that can be deployed in a drive-thru banking environment has dramatically added to the branch convenience for customers at our two pilot branches. Providing live video teller access 6 days a week from 8 am to 10 pm, and from the convenience of your car, has added 50 percent more available hours to the typical branch model. We're also seeing as much as 40 percent of the weekly transaction volume coming during those extra hours. We believe the availability of the remote teller utilizing video is viewed as a very positive new level of service and convenience by our customers.

-- Ben Benack, Vice President of Marketing, Dollar Bank, Pittsburgh, Pa.

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