The Next Generation of Video in Banking

Banks are using video in innovative ways that include both employee-facing and customer-facing applications. Experts discuss how video banking is evolving.
March 22, 2013

2. Video Security Strong

Video is becoming ubiquitous in our daily lives -- grandparents are Skyping with grandkids, video conferencing is becoming commonplace in corporate settings, etc. -- and it's natural for banks to incorporate consumer-friendly technology into their own customer experiences. As such, we're seeing video used increasingly as a strategy to efficiently deliver services in retail settings as a new model for service/geographic expansion, productivity enhancer and sales generator. The use of video is expanding from inside the branch to ATMs and kiosks to online and mobile.

We believe the security of our video banking solutions is as strong as a bank's own network. Government organizations also are starting to approve the use of video from a regulatory perspective. In the case of NCR APTRA Interactive Teller -- our ATM-based video banking solution -- we've added components such as a privacy handset so that consumers can retain audio privacy in high traffic areas and also offer the traditional ATM security features that consumers know and trust from an ATM.

In January, NCR acquired uGenius, which had pioneered video banking in both kiosk and online environments. NCR partnered with uGenius in 2012 to roll out APTRA Interactive Teller, a unique solution that gives virtual tellers complete, remote control of the ATM. We're continuing to innovate with video delivery, continuing to look at video for integration in new branch automation strategies and also piloting video within digital channel like online and mobile banking.

-- Brian Bailey (pictured at right), Vice President and General Manager, Branch Transformation, NCR Corporation, Duluth, Ga.

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