The Best iPad Banking Apps

Although financial institutions have begun creating applications for Android-based tablets, the majority of tablet-specific banking offerings on the market today are designed for Apple's iPad. Here's a look at some of the best iPad banking apps.
March 26, 2012

JPMorgan Chase: A Content-Rich Experience

The J.P. Morgan Private Banking App, for JPMorgan Chase's high-net-worth customers, is packed with information, including videos from financial strategists and specialists, financial news, real-time market quotes, and content from analyst reports. Ravi Acharya, SVP and head of product management for online, mobile and social at Chase, the New York-based company's retail banking brand, says the bank strives to make all of its tablet apps as content-rich as possible, in order to take advantage of tablets' functionality. The private banking app also features current day gain/loss information and incorporates the bank's QuickPay person-to-person payments service as well as mobile remote deposit capture capability. The app also lets users pay bills, send wire transfers, pay credit card bills, and locate nearby Chase branches and ATMs.

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