The Best iPad Banking Apps

Although financial institutions have begun creating applications for Android-based tablets, the majority of tablet-specific banking offerings on the market today are designed for Apple's iPad. Here's a look at some of the best iPad banking apps.
March 26, 2012

Citibank: A New Way To View Finances

New York-based Citibank's iPad app, which came out in July 2011, takes advantage of the tablet's form factor by doing away with the traditional financial ledger and presenting customers with rich, interactive graphical representations of their finances.

Creating a Great Tablet Experience
As banks race to roll out mobile apps for iPads, Kindle Fires and other tablets, they need to do more than just port over their existing smartphone apps. Industry leaders reveal what goes into creating an engaging and rich tablet-specific experience.
The app's home screen offers a three-panel view: The "overview" panel presents a look at all accounts; the "analyze" section provides access to personal finance management tools, such as pie charts showing payee spending by category; and the "explore" panel lets customers compare their spending habits to those of other customers and also offers access to finance-related content. The app also provides direct access to Citi's real-time Twitter customer support option.

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