April 11, 2012

SAP isn't just an applications vendor or, with BusinessObjects, an analytics vendor. The company made the case at a Tuesday press conference in San Francisco that it's poised to become a top database vendor and extend its lead in mobile apps. It backed up its claims with a bevy of announcements, including news of nearly $500 million in customer-incentive funds and app development seed money to help promote its Hana in-memory database.

Vishal Sikka, SAP's CTO and a member of its executive board, boldly vowed that the company will become the fastest-growing database vendor in the industry. That's a slightly toned-down version of an earlier SAP claim that it would become "the number-two database vendor by 2015." But Sikka wasn't backing off on performance claims related to Hana, and the company added enough pricing and licensing detail to make it clear it's going to be aggressive.

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