October 15, 2012

Salin Bank, a family-owned bank in northern and central Indiana, announced today that it would begin the largest installment of NCR's video-based interactive ATM's, the APTRA Interactive Teller. The machines will allow the bank to service customers outside of its branch hours, as customers will be able to interact with a live teller through video when they visit the machines.

The teller has complete control of the ATM, and can guide the customer through whatever transaction they'd like. NCR said in a statement that the machines allow tellers to conduct 95 percent of the services that they normally provide in a branch.

Salin Bank said that tellers would be available to help customers at the ATM's until 7:00pm Mondays through Saturdays. The machines will be deployed in lobbies and drive-through lanes at Salin's branch locations.

Since the tellers have complete control over the ATM, they can override certain rules to help customers. For instance, they can let customers take out more cash than the bank's ATM's are usually allowed to dispense to one customer.

The APTRA Interactive Teller was first released in March of this year, in partnership with Utah-based uGenius Technologies, a video banking solutions provider. Salin Bank is working with QSI, Inc., a long-time partner of NCR, on the installation and servicing of the interactive teller machines.

Jonathan Camhi is a graduate of the City University of New York's Graduate School of Journalism, where he focused on international reporting and interned at the Hindustan Times in Delhi, ...