November 15, 2010

Pittsburgh-based PNC ($251 billion in assets) last week introduced Pinacle Mobile online banking capabilities for financial executives who wish to access commercial services through a mobile device.

A complementary piece of PNC's Pinacle online corporate banking channel, Pinacle Mobile was designed to give financial executives access to basic functions through their cellular phone. Capabilities of Pinacle Mobile include current day reporting, approval of outbound wires and viewing messages, alerts and notifications. As a security measure, no data is stored on the user's device, and the software includes token authentication, account number masking and a shorter idle timeout.

"Our commercial customers want the same convenience of banking wherever and whenever needed, much the same as they now tend to their personal banking needs," said Lynn Nettleton, senior vice president and group manager, PNC. "We help them to achieve this goal by delivering a secure solution, enabling PINACLE customers to track and to move their money on the run at the airport, in the middle of a meeting or at the beach with family."

Pinacle Mobile banking was developed for use on any smart phone, and can be accesed via the device's mobile browser.

"PINACLE Mobile is convenient and easy to use," said Andy Thompson, cash manager for CONSOL Energy Inc., an early adopter of PNC Mobile. "This technology makes idle time away from the office more productive by enabling me to check my corporate account balances, release pending wires and notifying me of incoming wire transfers."