March 11, 2004

How is Commerce Bank using technology to generate and pursue new revenue streams?

We have introduced a system that helps us measure customer and product profitability. We use that to help loan officers and relationship managers change their behavior, so we are selling different products to different customers.

Commerce Bank has a two-step approach that allows us to use technology in the pursuit of new revenue streams.

First, we seek a service provider with a well-established track record for integrating the best and most economical third-party products with our core system.

Secondly, we leverage our expertise with that of our peers to maximize the use of technology and to seek ways to continuously improve our product offerings.

Recent examples include a system that allows us to measure customer and product profitability, and plans to maximize profits from the ATM and debit card side of the business. Our partnership with Aurum Technology (Plano, Texas) will allow us to focus on growing the bank, optimizing bank operations, and pursuing new revenue streams.